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Carrie Mae Weems photographs Spike Lee for the Time Magazine Cover

This might have been the David Welch Photography photo studio highlight of 2018. When Carrie Mae Weems calls, you drop everything and listen. And when she's looking for a photo studio on Martha's Vineyard, you offer your space and offer assist in any way possible. Initially vague on the details, she came out for a studio visit and meet and greet. A day later I was informed that she needed the space and my help with lighting and she gave me the scoop on the shoot, the subject and the magazine. Needless to say I was pretty excited.

Photos by Carrie Mae Weems

Spike Lee on the cover of time magazine photo by Carrie Mae Weems
Spike Lee, Photo by Carrie Mae Weems for Time Magazine

Spike Lee in the David Welch Photography studio photo by Carrie Mae Weems
Spike Lee in David Welch's studio on Martha's Vineyard, Photo by Carrie Mae Weems

Thanks, Carrie. It was a pleasure assisting you, watching you work, and helping make this shoot a success. I must admit, it was beautiful to see you connect with your subject in the way you did. Inspirational to say the least. Thank you for an unforgettable experience.

Learn more about Carrie Mae Weems.

Learn more about the studio.

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